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FIRE is Lin’s first solo exhibition, included series of her paper works with mixed media. Fire here is a either overt or covert depiction of human nature and socio-cultural aspects in the living environment. Both destructing and smelting qualities of fire are manipulated in the making of the works, which alludes the conceptual indication of loss and reborn.


The process of making these works is gestural and performative, using single element to create various combinations. Light and sound of the nature of the materials play an important role in the process, whereas the finished result is more subtle and calming. Delicate while strong, joyous while melancholy, FIRE uses the literal reference of the natural element to reflect on human existence and the artist’s psychological state. Using paper as the base, fire as the reactant, idea as the catalyst, Lin is making an elixir of her own kind.

Number #

5 University of Toronto friends.


Jenn Wess, Lynn Yuhan Lin, Olive Li, Josefina Hernandez and Elias Saoud form an emerging, Toronto based, art combine that utilizes a versatile media output. The group’s artistic commentary addresses unanimous interests as well as concerns that speak strongly to each of the 5 artists.


Number is a broad theme that touches every aspect of life. Lin narrows it down to the 0 and 1, which form the foundation of the digital systems. The thread compositions derive from the results of an electronic design automation software. Combining an engineering process with the organic drawings, the artist tries to address how technology is improving as well as intervening the natural evolution of human life. Together, two layers create a holism composition while pushing away from each other independently. High technology has already brought fears to human kind, who knows if our future will be all reduced to zeros and ones!


Undergraduate thesis exhibition featured by University of Toronto, visual study students.


The serial abstract paintings "LIFE", with the juxtaposition of art media and non-art substances challenge the definition of art, reflect the excessive consumption, poke fun at the contemporary art making process, and serve the analogy of the progression of human life. It derives from Personal experience and extends to universal phenomena.

OTT chair | Lynn Yuhan Lin stacks OTT nesting chair collection | 2015

Organicart | Dubai Design Week | Six Designs That Can Shape and Save Lives | 2016

OTT chair | Furniture is a Family Affair | 2015

OTT chair | Lynn Yuhan Lin encaja tres asientos en una silla de madera contrachapada | 2015

OTT chair | IW Magazine No. 144 | OTT Chair | 2015

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