Shot in old San Juan in 2015, I love living in the snow and traveling to the tropical.

My soul thrives on uncharted adventures and my body runs on island time. 

I am a New York-based industrial designer and multi-media artist. After receiving the Master of Industrial Design degree at Pratt Institute, I am currently working as the director of product design at Karim Rashid studio.

50 East/50 West = 100 Global

I have spent an equal amount of time in China and North America.

The implicit, moderate and metaphorical eastern philosophy provides me an inherent sensuality in looking at souls of the world; while the explicit, expressive, and rational western methodology allows me to build the flesh and bones in problem-solving. Working with international clientele over the years, I have gained a global vision in making design a true representation of its culture. 

50 Nature/50 Metropolitan = 100 Technology

Born in Inner Mongolia and moved to Toronto, I have always been intrigued and inspired by the power of nature. I believe in formal and technological design solutions offered by nature will deeply resonate with our human experiences and emotions, as well as organically re-establish a sustainable product ecosystem. Living my whole life in urban settings and now New York City, I am a firm believer in technology and high efficiency in everyday life. Always learning and adapting new tools and methods in creating ensures non-biased and balanced solutions.

50 Art/50 Design = 100 Solution

Moving across art and design fields over the years, I can fully utilize all resources needed from concept generation to final production. I am always aiming at diversifying my profile in solving new problems with a focus on the formal and technological innovation in its most essential and minimal way. Making multiplications and subtractions, my goal is to provide a holistic design solution to a problem or a non-problem.