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Lynn Lin is a New York-based industrial designer and multimedia artist with a focus on products, objects, packaging, furniture, lighting, and digital art. She aims to create function-informed forms and emotion-empowered experiences, bringing smart and soft solutions to create a streamlined and enlightened contemporary lifestyle. Sustainability is the core of Lynn’s design and everyday practice. She believes that the formal and technological design solutions offered by nature can deeply resonate with personal experiences, as well as organically re-establish a sustainable product ecosystem.

Lynn has spent an equal amount of time in China and North America. The implicit, moderate and metaphorical eastern philosophy provides her the sensibility to resonate with the soul of the world; while the explicit, expressive, and rational western methodology allows her to build the flesh and bones in problem-solving. Working with international clientele over the years, Lynn has gained a global vision in making design a true representation of its time and context. 


With our world shifting towards a dematerialized and virtual future, Lynn keeps exploring and adapting new tools and technology to bring her vision to realization. Ranging from mass-manufactured consumer products to one-off handmade art pieces, Lynn uses various media to promote authentic experiences, cultural expressions, and social engagements.

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