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Public Bench

Exhibition: Inside Out, curated by Kin & Company


In the absence of their human counterparts, the virtual works, ranging from functional to conceptual, take on an ephemeral perspective. The pandemic has isolated us from each other, asking us to reconsider the meaning of connection and community, and forcing us all to re-envision the role of design today, tomorrow and for the months to come.

Scene 2.jpg

STUUP celebrates the casual form of the “stoop hangout,” taking the concept a step further to unite all its participants. Unlike the everyday linear stoop – which requires participants to bend, turn, reach, and talk over each other – STUUP's “U” shape offers a natural, enclosed space for a group gathering. The bend to the form promotes social engagement in a familiar, yet novel way. 

The decorative repetitive arch motif on the exterior pays tribute to the Colosseum, which is the classic intervention of social gatherings and entertainment. Cast in concrete, STUUP is weather- and vandalization-proof – as durable as the human bond. Its humble but unique form can easily blend into any urban environment, while also granting its setting a “wow” factor.

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