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Future Fridge Concept

Client: Biomimicry Institute x Electrolux

Brief: Design an innovative fridge concept using the biomimicry approach to reduce energy usage and food waste.

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A pinecone is the master of insulated protection and air circulation...


Seetorage is a biomimicry future fridge concept inspired by the structure of a pinecone. With a top-down verticle compressor and individually sealed compartment layout, Seetorage offers easy accessibility visually and physically, saving a lot of energy that is otherwise consumed in a conventional fridge. When not in use, the sleek and elegant seed form serves a decoration in any rooms, private or public. Drawing from nature and giving back to nature, Seetorage promotes the future of eating habits that should be low environmental impactful, sustainable, and less wasteful. 

Problems of a conventional fridge

Sketches & 3D model


Feature Breakdown

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