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Rouye Skincare

Client: Rouye

Brief: The clean beauty brand aims to recreate the classic daily beauty ritual with a collection of 5 unique products: a facial spray, a liquid foundation, a compact powder foundation, a lip serum and a lipstick. The design should reflect the duality of the tough and tender quality of the modern Chinese female image.

Team: Brand strategy & creative direction: Meng Shui, Identity design: Janny Ji

20220821-rouye 静物0052.jpg

Rouye is a Shanghai-based clean beauty brand with a steadfast commitment to offering a range of inclusive, aspirational products to young Chinese consumers at the start of their beauty journey. In contrast to many existing Chinese clean beauty brands that place their primary focus on safety and effectiveness, Rouye prioritizes emotional well-being and self-care. The brand endeavors to revitalize the classic daily beauty ritual by introducing a collection of five unique products that celebrate natural beauty, using only ingredients that are gentle on sensitive skin and free from harmful or toxic raw materials. Rouye's products are crafted in top Japanese clean beauty labs, and all packaging is sourced and produced sustainably in China.

20220821-rouye 静物2324.jpg
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The brand's visual identity design is inspired by Chinese and English calligraphy, with contemporary nuances that add a modern twist to traditional strokes. The color scheme draws inspiration from the brand's name and reflects a balance of "mildness" and "wildness." The light blue hue represents purity, cleanliness, and calmness, while the vivid red symbolizes liveliness and vitality.

Rouye's products are expertly crafted to cater to the habits of Chinese skincare enthusiasts, featuring compact sizes that are highly portable and can be conveniently stored in a purse. Rather than opting for luxuriously elaborate or clinically minimal packaging designs, the brand's mission is to create a playful yet elegant product that catches the eye of the user and serves as a fashionable accessory. With Rouye's products, users can enjoy a functional and fashionable beauty ritual that is sure to leave them feeling confident and radiant.

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