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Lamp Collection

Brief: Design a parametric luminary collection using Grasshopper for Rhino.  


It all started with a cinnamon bun...


Fika Pendent

Inspired by an important pastry in traditional Swedish Fika culture, the Fika lamp collection reflects the tactile and sensual quality of the cinnamon bun. Fun and friendly, it's swirl abstraction offers a cozy touch to any given interiors. Mixing different sizes and finishes, space can be elevated by the relaxing Fika spirit instantly.

Fika Wall Sconce

The parametric algorithm enables fine controls over the positive and negative space on the form. Fika wall sconce has one solid and one perforated side, which offers options in between direct and diffused light. When lined up, any near surfaces will be filled with intricate bokeh shadows, as captivating as the aroma of a freshly baked cinnamon bun.

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