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Fruit Cart

Client: Instituto Superior de Diseño, Havana

Brief: Design a food-related artifact utilizing Havana's limited resources and DIY culture to help local private businesses.


OrganiCart is an innovative, ergonomic street cart designed for fruit vendors in Havana. Its three-tiered design emphasizes freshness and organization on the street, while its hinged, V-shaped folding design makes off-hour and overnight storage more convenient than that of existing, platform-style carts.

Considering the tradition of DIY culture and the rise of private business in Havana, OrganiCart can be easily assembled in local shops with found materials. Collaborated with the local students at ISDI (Instituto Superior de Diseño), our goal for OrganiCart is to create visual appeal to customers, to increase maneuverability for vendors, and to keep the freshness of the fruits. 

Design Process

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