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Herbal Baijiu Packaging

Client: Kaisen, designed at Karim Rashid Studio

Brief: Design a baijiu packaging for the younger generations that promotes Kaisen's special herbal infusion recipe and fun social gathering.


"Kaisen" literally translates as "open the forest" which is also homophonic to "happiness". Drawing inspiration from Kaisen's original logo that resembles a switch, the bottle is a sculptural icon that's visually metaphoric and ergonomically pleasing. The pill shape accommodates the label perfectly, and the flat sides make storing, shipping, and cheering with the bottle much effortless.


The bottle's iconic green gradient reflects the herbal essences in the baijiu, and extensive research and problem-solving went into its creation. As the liquor is consumed, consumers' senses are slowly turned on, opening a journey of discovery through the herbal forest.

The 111ml bottle is meant to be a substitute for the glass. Born during the global pandemic, it was designed for safety concerns of passing around the bottle. This innovative flask-shaped bottle is a perfect substitute for traditional glass, eliminating the need for pouring into different vessels and the associated business stigma, therefore bringing pure enjoyment to the drinking experience.


Sustainability was a key consideration throughout the design process, with secondary packaging using recycled paper pulp and Velcro for secure closure. No additional fasteners or adhesives are used, making it easy to recycle.

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