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Ethos, Pathos, Logos

Marble Collection

Client: AATC x Karim Rashid

Brief: Design a marble table, a lounge chair, and a lamp utilizing AATC's unique black marble and Antonino translucent onyx. The form should adopt a contemporary and fluid language and also challenge the conventional perception, which will be realized by AATC's marble sculpting technologies. 

Inspired by coral reefs and Moshe Safdie's Habitat 67', Habitat 16' is a parametric modular privacy screen developed for any custom sites with various lighting conditions. It not only offers users a private space on one side but also serves as a visually appealing installation on the other. Taking nature's form, Habitat 16' means to bring an element of organic nature into our daily interior spaces. 

Base on specific sites, the overall form, aperture size, extrusion length, and cell directions can be adjusted to achieve desired light filtration and view fragmentation. This prototype is made of laser cut chipboard and brad pins. Material and scale can vary according to its purpose.

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