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To-go Teacup

Brief: Design an innovative to-go coffee/tea cup with three lid options and set up the basic branding.


Inspired by the traditional porcelain teaware, Froot to go cups offers a unique experience of the classic high tea time on the go. The fluid curves of the lid contours mirror the visual gracefulness of a teapot, while the cup continues the impression of elegant porcelain in its decorative graphic flourishes. Froot provides a wide selection of delicate blend of herbal infused tea with various health benefits.

Customers can either choose from the signature blends or fully customize their own. The selected tea blend will be packed into silk pouches with optional sugar and creamer on the go. Three selections of to-go lids are made to accommodate different combinations.

Pearl: Sipping Lid

“Pearl” has curvilinear drinking well that directs spill back into the cup without an effort. Six braille markings on the side indicate the type of the tea, while the two center ones indicate sugar and milk. The generous room of the lid serves as the carrier for the condiments without any extra packaging.

“T-back” has the lid that can be gracefully pulled back to reveal the drinking opening, and slipped back when not in use. The triangular opening, slightly larger in size than most to-go lids, enhances the amount of the aroma that elevates the tasting experience and simultaneously helps prevent lipstick buildup. The dome portion securely houses the add-ons on the go. The concave form effortlessly collects the spill back to the last drop.

“Spout” mimics the classic porcelain teapot’s silhouette, creating an ergonomic form for smooth and easy sipping. The centerpiece of the lid conveniently lifts up to hold the tea bags and add-ons. Simultaneously, the dome can be attached to the lid upside down by its round tip, serving as a tiny trashcan for the used teabags.

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