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Reusable Tote Bag

Client: HIP, designed at Karim Rashid Studio

Brief: Design a reusable grocery bag that is collapsible and fun to interact with.

Hip_Reusable Grocery Bags3.jpg
Hip_Reusable Grocery Bags4.jpg

Carri Tote Bag

Carri Tote is an eco-friendly replacement of single-use plastic grocery bags. Easy on the eyes and even easier on the hands, the reusable bag tucks into the handle for easy-breezy storage. The bag fabric is made with 100% recycled material from single-use plastic water bottles. 

Bold colors compliment your shopping trip with a comfortable oversized handle. Quickly unroll your Carri Tote from the handle. When finished fold into thirds towards the center and roll back into handle cavity. 

Hip_Reusable Grocery Bags.jpg
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