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Sun Lounger

Client: Tonik, designed at Karim Rashid Studio

Brief: Design an organic sun lounger for indoor and outdoor pools using rotomolding manufacturing technology.

TONIK_Bikini_4 copy.jpg
REND-4049_Final II.tif

The Bikini Lounger from Tonik is designed to impress with a flowing design, vibrant colors, and refreshing partially submerged construction. Vibrant colors and sleek design combine to make poolsides, lakeshores, and seasides the picturesque idea of a refreshing oasis.

The Bikini Lounger is constructed predominantly for supreme durability. Roto-molded polyethylene, one-piece design, stands up to heavy use and elements. The Bikini is built to withstand tanning products, sunblock, salt, and chlorine solutions. Variable water ballast provides a secure footing on zero-depth pool entrances and ledges. Ultraviolet light stabilizers reduce fading and Tonik fully-compounded colors eliminate any spots or stripes of un-mixed pigment.

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