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Auroom Pink Collection


Client: Centrsvet, designed at Karim Rashid Studio


Brief: Design a collection of light fixtures for Centrsvet's existing Auroom track lighting system in brass, which can be easily mixed and matched with contemporary interiors and yet provide unique characteristics.

CENTRSVET_auroom_pink_brass_karim_rashid (5).jpg
insta_0004_AUROOM BLACK NEW0932.jpg

Embracing light as a physical material, the Auroom Pink collection is minimal in form, giving the complete stage to the light source itself. Various shapes and sizes of the negative space in each fixture shape the directional light in different graphic forms, glowing in dark poetically. It provides an innovative perspective for the audience to experience the light when in dark as well as appreciating the sculptural forms during the day.

Auroom Pink lighting system made of 100% brass.‎ Metal is treated in a special way to achieve the unique pink color and the effect of the brushed surface.‎ No analogs in the world.‎ Low-voltage.‎ Any length and configuration.‎ Allows choosing different luminaires and any quantity of luminaires.‎

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