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Arche68 Nomadic Store 

Client: Arche68, work at Karim Rashid Studio

Brief: Design a modular shoe stand for Acrhe68's 5 nomadic pop-up stores worldwide to celebrate its 50 year anniversary. They need to adapt any floorplans for the stores and be easy to assemble, dissemble, and travel with. 


New York Popup

To celebrate Arche's 50 year's anniversary, the NYC store is set up in the theme of riot, paying homage to the French Revolution. Freedom and libration is the core message of Arche 68. The pastel tone of the shoe stands creates a harmonious environment with colorful graphics and their sandy color winter collection. 

Screen Shot 2020-03-22 at 11.06.48

Paris Popup

Roto-molded modular shoe stands are designed to celebrate Arche68's streamlined brand image with soft curves, straight lines, and softness. Being light-weight and stackable, the shoe stands can be easily shipped around the world and flexibly arranged in different contexts. To showcase Arche's colorful leather products, the shoe stands come in both nude matte finish and lit translucent with built-in LEDs. 


Tokyo Popup

Tokyo popup comprises a full wall digital projection of Karim Rashid's pattern designs to celebrate the futuristic aspect of the city. More lit modules are used to render positive energy. Taking from its established heritage, Arche68 is ready to take off for a progressive and innovative future.

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