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Ethos, Pathos, Logos
Marble Collection

Client: AATC, designed at Karim Rashid Studio

Brief: Design a marble table, a lounge chair, and a lamp utilizing AATC's unique black marble and Antonino translucent onyx. The form should adopt a contemporary and fluid language and also challenge the conventional perception, which will be realized by AATC's marble sculpting technologies. 


Ethos Table

Embodying balance and measured beauty, the design for the Ethos Dining Table is informed by a carefully applied methodology, which is what makes it irresistible. Its cantilevered grace and rippling surface texture are something to admire and enhance your experience in many environments, from prestigious conference rooms to unique spaces within the home. 

Pathos Lounge Chair

Pathos Lounge Chair evokes curiosity and awakens emotions, which is the intention of its groundbreaking shape. Supportive and strong while defying gravity, it speaks directly to the heart, transcending simple reasoning and embracing passion.


Logos Lamps

Shedding a light on an unconventional approach, Logos Lamps challenge preconceptions and redefine the rules. The illumination within emanates subtly from beneath a translucent marble veil, a nuanced reinterpretation of a lampshade.

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