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Big Wave


Client: Reborn Decor

Brief: Design a furniture piece using the client's recycled plastic materials and celebrating Southeast Asian cultural heritage

Big Wave_Lynn Lin Design_01
Big Wave_Lynn Lin Design_02

Inspired by the captivating silhouette of Indonesia's Rumah Gadang (Big House), the "Big Wave" credenza emerges as a design fusion of the secular and the sacred, mirroring the very essence of the ancestral dwelling it honors. The signature curve on the tip of the roof becomes handles for the doors and drawers, seamlessly integrating function into the overall graphic composition.

Within Reborn Decor's diverse palette of recycled plastic boards, I landed on the blue MHP from ocean plastics and reflective green PAF made of Heineken beer labels, completing the human-ocean-human cycle and visually rendering an oceanscape under the gleaming sun. The Big Wave credenza beckons the serenity of nature into the heart of the home, creating a sanctuary for relaxation while passionately rekindling our commitment to safeguarding the precious ocean ecosystem.

Big Wave_Lynn Lin Design_04
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